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Psychotherapy in English, Kyiv

English-speaking psychotherapist in Kyiv

Dmitry Assonov

Medical psychologist, doctor-psychologist.

Medical psychologist, doctor-psychologist, supporter of the eclectic approach and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. I work with adults and adolescents with different diagnoses: stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, problems in relationships, phobias, etc.

About myself: I am an adherent of a comprehensive approach in my work. I think that there is exist no one theoretical school of psychotherapy that can cover everything. So, people can be helped more broadly and more qualitatively if we work in an eclectic approach. You never know what can help. Psychotherapy is the creativity of finding the right key. To such conclusions I came, performing scientific work, participating in various activities, engaged in support of people with various physical illnesses.

Medical education expands the boundaries of perception — I have seen enough for several years of practice on various pathologies, processes, behavioral reactions. I am convinced that if you let your psychological problems go, you can get into a hopeless situation.

My private practice is already developing, despite the fact that I started working recently. I have many different ideas, observations, work strategies, acquired during medical and scientific activities. Now I already successfully apply this in my practice.

I went through many courses and trainings. Despite the fact that I am a doctor and a graduate of a good university, I think it is necessary to always continue my education, to improve my skills. Therefore, I already managed to get acquainted with such areas as transactional analysis, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, art therapy, gestalt, the basics of psychosomatics.

I also have three years of experience in social activities — I know how difficult it is to build relationships in a team, to break through upward. This is the topic in which I am stable and can help.

I am the author of 14 scientific works — I am interested in discovering new horizons, looking at the world with wide eyes. My great advantage is that I’m picky about trifles — I care about details, not losing sight of anything. I am attentive to my clients, I take care of other people’s feelings and feelings.

With patience I take a hard work. I have seen various organic pathologies for some time — I was tempered by this experience, and in truth, I’m not from fearful.

One of the topics in which I work is psychological help to people who suddenly lost a loved one. Yes, it is hard. I’ve had to fall into similar situations — and, probably, this experience prompted me to work with this. Not by hearsay I know how difficult it can be after a loss.

An important aspect of my work is working with volunteers who have returned from the ATO zone. Post-traumatic stress disorder responds well to cognitive-behavioral therapy. I am convinced that volunteers need help as well as soldiers need. Yes, I believe that I make a contribution to the future of my country — and it’s in small things, and the little things form the whole. For some time, I devoted myself to the study of adaptive mechanisms of the psyche, in people who get into the ATO zone. And it’s stunning — because the results has become the basis for me — now I know how I can be useful.

As for my personality — I, in general, tend to look at everything very large, but do not miss the details. I find fault with the insignificant — because sometimes there is something important about it. I rely on the evidence-based work strategies, mathematical precision and guarantees are closer to me. My plans? To grow and to develop in my field, make a significant contribution to the quality of life of those who turn to me. Despite all the achievements in the work on myself and social activities, I still remain a sensitive and sentimental person. If I were not so, I could not stay in medicine and psychology.
I’m glad that I’m here.
This is cool.

PRICING: individual session in English 600 UAH (17$).

SESSION: 55 min.

Address: office 35, st. Bratskaya 10/10, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04070.
5 min walk from «Kontraktova or Poshtova Ploshcha» metro station.

Phone: +38 095 857 40 79
E-mail: ksunmu@gmail.com

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